Contacts that connect you with colleagues, customers, and business partners


Contacts sync through export and import

You may easily import external contacts into your Dooray contacts.
It supports exporting and importing contacts using vCard and CSV format.
Check out the feature that allows you to view the anniversary of the person registered in contacts on Dooray calendar.

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Check out your contacts even on mobile!

CardDAV makes the sync extremely easy.
Adding a CardDAV account from your Mac and iPhone contacts,
allows you to check not only personal contacts, but also contacts of organization members registered in the contacts.
(For Android, you can use CardDAV after installing Dooray! Connector.)

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Send mail directly from your contacts

You can send an email directly to a person registered in contacts.
It can speed up work as a single click opens mail sending window.

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Do you want to know more about Contacts?

Check out more useful functions of the service in the official guide.

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Other services better to be used with Contacts


Check out the Mail service.

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Check out the Drive service.

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Check out the Project service.

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