Smart document management to create and share together

Freedom to edit and share documents

Just write and share meeting minutes, proposals, and work materials on wiki that were written and exchanged in files before.
Working together on a document helps us expand and refine our ideas more effectively.

Neat document creation and convenient presentation

The markdown editor makes it easy to write structured text, and apply formatting with just text.
Just a single click converts it to a presentation mode.

Neat external sharing!

You can share what you write as a wiki externally as a public link.
It is very useful if you need a wiki page that external users also need to check out.

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Smart document versioning

Secure version control! All change history is automatically saved.
You can instantly see who modified what, and you can revert to a previous version if necessary.

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Do you want to know more about Wiki?

Check out more useful functions of the service in the official guide.

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Other services better to be used with Wiki


Check out the Project service.

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Check out the Meeting service.

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Check out the Messenger service.

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