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When everyone hangs onto a single document, the chances are higher for you to get off work faster.
Real-time simultaneous editing!

Multiple users can jointly edit a single document in real time.
Multiple cursors are color-coded during co-editing for you to see who is editing which part in real time.
* A separate application is required to use the co-editing function (paid).

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Systematic output management with project-specific drives

Collect and manage project deliverables scattered here and there in the project drive.
No need to worry when there is a change in the project members or when inviting people outside.

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Safe and complete file versioning

If you just upload a file, it automatically manages the version.
You can revert each file to its previous version and compare revisions made over time.
We can track who caused the problem, and we know who created the issue and when it was made.

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Drive app for desktop!
Just turn on and it will be synced automatically.

Sync program is offered to automatically synchronize the folders/files on my computer and drives.
It keeps my files up to date without having to upload/download each time.

Do you want to know more about Drive?

Check out more useful functions of the service in the official guide.

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