Project that contains every function necessary for collaboration.

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Board view and planning view to see progress at a glance

Using the Dooray board view and planning view, we can manage many tasks conveniently.
Thousands of people are using the task management tool provided by the Dooray projects.

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Reference various materials for work and display them neatly

Dooray is an all-in-one service! You can refer to other tasks in task, wiki documents, and files in Drive.
You no longer need to be curious with the URL as referenced items are displayed with titles, icons and status for more intuitive view.

You can check task registered from task directly on the calendar.

You can efficiently manage your work schedule by specifying the due date.
As the due date is displayed directly on the calendar, you can see what tasks you need to complete at a glance.

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You can collaborate more efficiently with external users.

Invite external users as Dooray! guests.
Guests are free to view and register the project's tasks and comments.
It guarantees security as guests only have access to the projects they've been invited to.

Do you want to know more about Project?

Check out more useful functions of the service in the official guide.

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Other services better to be used with Project


Check out the Drive service.

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Check out the Wiki service.

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Check out the Calendar service.

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