Business messenger specialized for collaboration

Service Design I'll show you new file today. Can you join the meeting? @Elliestarted the Meeting.@Ryu13:58OK! See you at the Meeting. 10:26S

Convenient and efficient messenger

We can communicate and work efficiently by creating group chat for each project.
Communication becomes comfortable as you can allow modifying/deleting messages within a certain period of time.

Check important messages and materials at once

@Mention function allows you to nominate a specific member and send a message.
You can check the important messages where you are @mented right away and store and search data by type, such as images/documents/video/links.

Real-time message translation

When a message is entered in a chat room, it is automatically translated into the language of the other members.
It is very useful for global collaboration among companies with different languages such as Korea, USA and Japan.

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Video conference and free call with just one click

You can make and receive free voice calls with members anytime, anywhere.
You can directly switch to a video conference after chatting on a messenger.
Collaborate more effectively using a communication method suitable for each situation.

Checking your task becomes smarter with slash commands and notification bots

You can freely create and use slash commands that operate when commands are executed, such as voting, first-come-first-served, and scrum. You can receive important information such as failure notice, e-approvals and internal notices as notification BOTs.

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Messengers that helps you to talk easily with external parties

The guest invitation function allows you to use messengers with external employees. Messenger can be useful if you frequently collaborate externally.

Do you want to know more about Messenger?

Check out more useful functions of the service in the official guide.

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