Approval service for quick decision-making

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Approval form that you can create yourself

You can directly create and manage the approval forms used at the company.
You can easily create the contents of the form to be templated by drag and drop.

Approval service with added convenience

You can set up private/public approval lines yourself.
By registering frequently used approval lines, the approval process becomes much convenient.
Approval lines can be designated as users or departments.

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No need to worry over approval management during absence!

In case of the absence, you can set the approval processing method.
Indicating the reason and schedule for absence leads to a more flexible approval processing.
Set the process in case of absence to make quick decisions.

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Form public scope setting

You can set not only the basic information required by each form but also the form disclosure scope for each department.

Do you want to know more about Workflow?

Check out more useful functions of the service in the official guide.

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